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E-Mail Protection E-Mail Protection
E-Mail Monitoring E-Mail Monitoring
E-Mail Full Alert E-Mail Full Alert
DIY FTP Account DIY FTP Account
Hosting Manager Hosting Manager
Anti Virus

Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam Email Protection

As email viruses spread rapidly every second, BEST-VIEW@ is concerned that, your email accounts are vulnerable. We choose ESET NOD32 as our anti-virus protection engine for email protection start from year 2004. All customers with email services enjoy the powerful anti-virus protection free of charge.

Spam is also one of the trouble issues for our customers. We have been using SpamAssassin mail filter to identify spam. SpamAssassin is using a rule-base algorithm to identify spam by rating. SpamAssassin filters all high rating email and reduce receiving spam email.

Website Virus Alert

We had selected ESET NOD32 Virus Scanner. The server will scan your ftp / web folder every day. When virus scanner detect any threat, system will send a email to customer. Virus report also can be view under the web hosting manager panel. All customers with web services enjoy the powerful web virus alert free of charge.

1. To reduce internet traffic and mail spam, no warning email will send out to the infector.

2. As new viruses appearing rapidly, the anti-virus engine may not be able to immediately detect the latest viruses. We cannot guarantee we are able to fully detect and block any known or unknown email viruses. Customer should have the responsibility not to open unknown emails and attachments.

3. As current web threat is based on adding programming code in your existing web page. System will not delete your existing files. Customer can re-upload the clean programming code to remove the virus.
Email Monitor

Mail Monitring

For corporate business, you may be afraid your business confidential information will be betrayed. Alternatively you have experienced on your staff had deleted important email. Mail monitoring services help you to setup a centralization point to get a mail copy by sending out or receiving email. These help you to monitor your hidden business and reduce lose by losing important email.

* Outgoing email must use our SMTP server provided.

Mail Monitoring Diagram: Mail will first pass through the mail filter and deliver to specific email account. Mail Monitoring Diagram: Mail will first pass throught the mail filter and sent to designate account.
Mail Full Alert

Mail Full Alert

You can enable Mail Full Alert monitoring in your Hosintg Manager. Our server check your mail every morning. If your mailbox is almost full (Over 90% used), server will send you an alert email. If your mailbox is full, server will send an warning email to your decicated admin email account.


DIY FTP Accounts

If you have many files need to have exchange with your customer. DIY FTP Accounts is your need. You can create DIY FTP accounts for your customer to upload or download files. DIY FTP accounts name and directory root can be change anytime base on your need. Also you can set the accounts for your colleague to manage dedicated web contents folder to protect other files.

Hosting Manager

Hosting Manager

We provied Hosting Manager for every hosting plan. You can manage your domains under single Hosting manager account.

Under Hosting Manager, you can view your account status, manage your POP3 Email Account, reset Email password, create forward and vcacation email, create DIY FTP account, set mail monitor rule, block mail list , view web statistics and more.

Web Hosting and Email Service

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